'New generation' ugg ladies classic mini boots with swarovski button - rosy brown



A fashion forward take on the 'Traditional Classic’,featuring an updated design, styling and fit. With new cushion comfort innovation and tread durability. This range takes you into the future where function meets style.

- Slim foot design

- New design and shape

- Sole tread design innovation

- Cushion comfort innovation

- Double faced sheepskin

- Reinforced stitching

- Stain and Water resistant

- Swarovski button detail

* Sizes shown in European sizes

Height: Ankle 

This style's length is shorter in length than the 3/4 and long style boots.

Please Note: Depending on the boot size will determine the length, so that the design is in proportion. Length of where the boot comes up to may vary from one individual to the next based on their height and build.

Shoe Fit Tip: If you have a narrow foot stay true to size, if you have a wider foot go up a size!

* Please note that the fit and styling is different to the 'Traditional range' fit and styling.










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