OZWEAR UGG has been creating and innovating for many years to bring you a range of the highest quality footwear and accessories.

OZWEAR UGG believes in using only the best materials available to produce stylish, premium-quality goods. This means you can trust that you're getting luxury and longevity every time you buy OZWEAR UGG.

As one of the popular ugg brands, we have access to the best design and materials. We source locally and worldwide to deliver innovative trend led products and classic favourites. 

OZWEAR UGG is an Australian owned and operated company based in beautiful Sydney, New South Wales. Our products are manufactured in state of the art factories located in China.

With quality, comfort and styling in everything we do, it's no wonder you can see fans wearing our iconic products from Adelaide to Abu Dhabi and everywhere in between.




Sheepskin is the perfect material to create products. With thermostatic qualities, it breathes naturally and wicks moisture away from the skin allowing air to circulate freely. This keeps your feet dry at a constant temperature.


The OZWEAR UGG production process is highly accurate with precision stitching to ensure you get perfect shape and fit, soft comfort and long lasting durability.

Stringent quality control means you get a superior crafted product every time you buy OZWEAR UGG.


OZWEAR UGG carefully selects premium materials to produce a wide range of products, including the finest grade leather and quality non-slip outer soles.